Tina Jackson (Street Articles Author)

My name is Tina and I have homeschooled my children for 10 + years. Ms. T., my oldest was born with a disability, which causes significant cognitive, speech, and physical delays. Her overall development was slow, but progressive. According to doctors she was not supposed to walk, talk or possibly live.

Ms. T enrolled in kindergarten the year she turned 6 years of age. She was often sick in the school environment or not interested in attending at all. She participated in the classroom about 50% of the time or less due to therapy sessions. When she attended school she enjoyed lunchtime, riding the school bus, and interacting with the other students.

Since Ms. T was missing quite a bit of school my husband and I decided to research other educational alternatives. We had heard of the term “homeschooling”, but had no idea exactly what it entailed. The opportunity for her to work at her own pace and receive one-on-one instruction sounded like the perfect fit for her.

We made the decision to begin the following school year homeschooling her. Ms. T graduated from high school May 2013. We are so thrilled we chose this path. Having the opportunity to watch her academic skills blossom has been very rewarding.

When our second child was born it just made sense for us to continue this journey because it works! For us, homeschooling is no longer an educational alternative. It’s become a way of life.

My homeschooling experience extends into many areas. I have served as a manager on the board of a homeschooling co-op. I have coached families one-on-one as to how to get started homeschooling. I have taught academic and non-academic classes to children other than my own. Some of my class sizes have ranged from 6 students to 60+.

I want to share my knowledge by helping you navigate your homeschooling journey. I know and understand the huge responsibility of providing a quality education for your children is important. I am here to assist you and answer your questions and comments.

For The Love of Our Children, Tina http://homeschooleasy.com

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