Todd Lee (Street Articles Author)

I am from Miami,Florida.I am married with two children.Currently,I work with a non profit organization called C.C.D.H. as an Inclusion Specialist.I am also a G.E.D. teacher.I ,recently, became a certified Life Coach.During my 44+ years, I have held numerous positions in different industries.It has taken me a while to find my passion.While reflecting back on everything that I have done, I discovered a consistent pattern.Each key position that I have held has ,in some way, revolved around helping others realize their potential.This is what brings me the most joy.There is nothing that I would love to do more than to assist in realizing their highest potential,physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritually.I am also a student of Metaphysics and am working towards earning my Phd in Metaphysics through the University of Metaphysics.My desire is to inspire others through both the spoken and written word.My interests are weightlifting,running,martial arts,writing,reading,public speaking,cooking,acting,watching movies and gardening.I will continue to improve my writing skills in order to inspire as many people as possible.

Never Give Up
Have you ever felt discouraged , frustrated or both because you felt like you weren't going anywhere in your life? How about feeling "stuck" in the same job ,or worse , more bills than money? Perhaps you've had countless ideas run through your mind and that's all they have been.…
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Tapping Into Your Genius
Guess what. You are a genius!! You may not have realized it.Perhaps, for most of your life, you were told otherwise. Regardless of what your current position is in life, you are one whether you believe it or not. Not only are you a genius ,but you are a unique…
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