Todd Vickers (Street Articles Author)

Todd is a writer with a focus on social issues including sexuality and personal understanding through meditation. He began meditating as a way to overcome destructive habits. He abandoned the belief of a god and felt most attracted to Zen. He became a disciple of Osho in 1988. He met Papaji in 1994 in Lucknow, an encounter that changed the course of his self-inquiry. Prior to this encounter, Todd placed a great deal of importance on experiences induced through meditation. Through Papaji's influence, he realized that the concept of the self is unsustainable as are any spiritual experiences. He felt motivated to write in an attempt to bring out the best in spirituality and to point toward toward self-inquiry.

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Todd has published three books on self inquiry. Vickers, T. (2015). The Relevance of Kabir. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 9-7813100307-0-3 Vickers, T. (2001). Truth Like Fire. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 0-9672632-1-2 Vickers, T. (1999). The Paradox of Self Realization. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 0-9672632-0-4

The Relevance of Kabir. 

Stop Crashing Into Lovers
We may at times feel terribly uncomfortable with lovers, especially when they do things we don’t expect. But if a lovers actions do not involve violence, coercion, recklessness or deceit then we need not do anything because no problem really exists. We certainly do not have cause to use power…
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What Death Teaches Us About Lovers, Friends And Family
When facing deaths heartbreak, we realize hidden values. Death debases pettiness and brings out what we may habitually overlook. Death makes us more conscious. I met this relentless teacher before my 10th birthday, an accident killed my, 19-year-old sister. A daily routine and habitual expectations, make it easy to take…
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Finding Inspirational People Or Good Company
Good company is being close to people who bring out the best in us. The Sanskrit language has a beautiful the word for this association, sangha. This is more than being with fun people we like. These people do something besides reinforce or trigger our habits of mind, they challenge…
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How to Discover What is Good And Bad In Spiritual Beliefs?
Faulty beliefs lay dormant in our minds like a Trojan horse, perhaps a prejudice about ourselves or the world. It’s harder to expose the faults of a belief when the people around us also hold the same belief. Unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to discover all false or bad…
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