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Hello, Sorry it took so long to finish my profile, to tell you the truth I thought I had done it already until someone brought it to my attention. I am a truck driver by profession been doing this for over 35 years in the Southern California area.Presently I am working mainly out of the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports helping to supply everyone's needs in America. I have 2 grown and wonderful daughters, one living in Australia and the other in New York both very well independent just like there father. I have never written anything until I came here but now I have found a new pass time and to also help boost my webpages. Looking forward to meeting more people on here and to put out a lot more articles. Good luck to all

Online Affiliate Programs
Is there any online affiliate programs out here? Actually there are lots of things you can get and do online with affiliate marketing. Only problem is there are a lot of Internet gurus that will show you the golden road to riches with their free entrance to their web of…
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Set Up Reef Aquarium
Are you wanting to learn how to Set Up Reef Aquarium? You have found the right place to learn how to set one up and enjoy for years to come. If you have read any of my other articles you would know a little history about my knowledge of this…
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Aquarium Lighting
The most important part of setting up an aquarium be it, Tropical, Marine and or Coral Reef, you must pick the proper lighting for your tank. The proper lighting is very crucial for all marine life while the proper lighting is essential the beauty of your tank. First you need…
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Reef Aquarium Pest
Over the last 10 years, the reef aquarium hobby has enjoyed way better advancements in both information and technology in regards to living coral captive care.with all of this information and technology more hobbyist and organizations started producing fragments for sale to the public marketplaces, and they also trade amongst…
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Reef Aquarium Pest part 2
I am back to talk about aquarium pest part 2, there are several types that we go over, but I am going to cover a few more in this article. Aiptasia Anemone: This one is also known as the glass anemone I myself believe this is one of the worst…
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Coral Reef Filtration
I am going to be talking about three different types of filtration for your coral reef aquarium: Biological, Mechanical, and Chemical. All of these approaches this in a different manner even if they do end up with what you need to accomplish a successful and environmental safety for your aquarium…
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Marine Aquariums
To start out with I have been into Marine Aquariums for over 30 years. When I started back in the mid 70,s I had a 55gallon show tank. Started with small fish at first that was a little boring to me, so I then went into predators now that was…
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Ghana Romance Scams
A couple of years back I almost fell for one of these Ghana romance scams. It happened when I was sad, lonely, and vulnerable, my girlfriend had passed away a few months earlier. Me at the prime age of 55 I was single again after spending 16 years with her,…
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Flush Fat Away With Home Remedies
If you really want to lose weight fast you will first need to flush the fats and toxins out of your body that you put in it everyday. You will need to do this flushing out for about a month before you start on your diet regiment and exercising plan.…
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Online Scams to Avoid
Have you ever wanted to know which online scams to avoid? I know I have seen a lot of them and been scammed by a few of them also. In one of my earlier articles I talked about one of the biggest scams that I ran into when I first…
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