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Tonette Watson is a business and life success coach and is the Founder of:

(a) Sow For Success http://; and

(b) How Do I Find Love

She also has extensive experience in property development and acting to assist buyers and sellers of property throughout Sydney and Asia.

Qualifications: Tonette is a certified NLP Practitioner, has two business degrees, real estate certification and over two decades experience in the corporate world as a senior executive providing property related advice, mentoring and dispute resolution strategies.

Philosophy: Tonette has a passion for ensuring that her clients develop a mindset that enables them to see the opportunity in every situation and to work with this to improve their lives, rather than struggling against what was meant to be.

We all often use hardships and adverse happenings to justify our current actions and attitudes. Tonette teaches her clients that it is futile to dwell on the past and that it is far better to simply acknowledge it, recognise what it has taught us and move on with gratitude for this knowledge.

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

Tonette believes that everyone deserves to be given the gift of knowing that they are not defined by their past and have the opportunity right now, in this moment to make any life they want. They are not locked in or limited - except by their own minds. This knowledge gives great freedom and hope as it means that there is always the opportunity to start again. There is never a need to give up or despair. There is simply a need to focus on what you want in this moment, take action to allow it to manifest and await its delivery.

Tonette teaches her clients how to control their lives through their own thoughts and that we all, in fact, have all the power we need within us to be or become anyone we want to be.

“Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right”. Henry Ford

The secret to achieving the life we want turns on our perception of our current circumstances. If we have a positive perception we will attract positive outcomes. We should see ourselves in our minds eye as having already achieved our goals and desires and imagine the feelings of joy and contentment this will. We should focus on these images and feeIings frequently throughout each day and this will result in the emission of positive energy. The universe will then deliver us a vibrational match of that which we are emitting as like attracts like. It cannot be otherwise.

In relation to your thoughts remember to sow for success by cultivating positive thoughts only and then take action towards your goal.

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