Tony Cordingley (Street Articles Author)

I love the internet. Or is it called the world wide web? Anyway, there is so much to discover on here, so many possibilities, so many opportunities, that it just boggles the mind! A bit like trying to think about the size of the universe! One of my interests is affiliate marketing, or business opportunities. And being able to reach out across the universe of the internet and communicate with people living in strange sounding exotic places, like Stalybridge! Blogging is another interest of mine, though I am not as focused as I should be. That is the problem with this internet thing, it is too distracting, too much going on, too much to see and too little time to see it all, like walking through the Vatican on a one hour guided tour! Anyhow, back to work! ;-)

Two Schools of Thought on Prospecting for Customers
There are two schools of thought on prospecting for customers. It may not matter so much which school you subscribe to. What matters is that you choose one and learn to apply your lessons effectively. Some marketers go for quantity. They believe that the way to prospect for customers is…
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