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Hello one and all! My name is Tony Valencia and I am an IT professional, youth basketball coach, and a resurgent middle-aged athlete. I would like to combine my experience, expertise and writing skills to provide information to those looking to improve their skills in the basketball arena. I want to give back to the community that gave me so much and afforded me the opportunity to play and visit cities and countries that I would have otherwise never been able to visit.

I played college basketball for The Colorado College and New Mexico Highlands as well as played professional basketball in Mexico where I averaged 27 ppg and was 1st team all defense for the league.

Right now my area of focus is on the vertical jump which I consider myself to be a de facto expert in. My vertical jump in college was 41" and now as a 41-year old athlete, it is 34"! I've seen a few youtube videos and I'm not seeing too many folks my age getting up that high and I feel I have some keen insights and knowledge that I can share with the average joe who might think that he's not able to achieve a world class vertical leap. I am living proof that genetics isn't the only way to get explosive hops.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my articles and please feel free to ask me any questions regarding exercises, nutrition, techniques or anything in general regarding your athletic endeavors.

Which Are You? A 1 Or 2 Legged Jumper?
Much like having a strong and weak hand, many of us not only have a preference for which vertical jump method we tend to like, but there is some evidence that suggests like everything else, from a motor-functional standpoint, we are predisposed to being good at one or the other.…
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Your Vertical Training, Nutrition And the Confidence Of Youth
I was watching a civil wartime move called Cold Mountain the other day and there was a scene at the end of the movie that caught my eye and ear. One of the young villains named Bosie is staring down the hero (Inman) while on their horses and debating on…
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Top Exercises to Increase Your Vertical Jump
Nothing, I repeat NOTHING can replace a solid, comprehensive vertical jump program, however I've been asked time and again to provide exercises to increase your vertical leap. After thinking about this a bit, I decided it is important to understand some basic, but extremely effective exercises needed to improve your…
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