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Maintenance And Care Of Milwaukee Drills & Impact Drivers
Purchasing a good tool is only a half job done. The other half is to use the power tool appropriately in a way it is intended to be used and take care of it during its lifetime. Now, Milwaukee drills and impact drivers are pretty darn good tools and there…
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How To Use A Milwaukee Impact Driver Safely
Hundreds of thousands of craftsmen choose Milwaukee cordless tools every day to get their job done. Milwaukee tools, apart from looking stunning in bright crimson color, perform at optimum levels to give amazing results. If anything goes wrong with your tools, Milwaukee parts including Milwaukee impact driver parts are easily…
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Why Hitachi Ds18dsal Is Still A Top Drill
When choosing a cordless power drill, many brands pop up in front of you including renowned professional brands like DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee and more but Hitachi has got its own pros going for it. Their products are top notch and the quality reliable, they provide adequate warranty and Hitachi…
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What To Do When Your Hitachi Drill Doesn’t Turn On
For a skilled worker, his venture is his pride. He takes joy in dealing with it and there is nothing more terrible and more disappointing than a power device that declines to turn on or quits working right amidst the task. It's clearly an irritating background; be that as it…
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3 Months With Hitachi Nr90ae 35 - inch Framing Nailer
When it comes to nailers, I don’t trust any other brand more than Hitachi. The NR90 series has gained a legendary status among all classes of tradesmen whether amateurs or expert professionals. Another reason to stick to the company is that Hitachi parts are easily available through online shopping and…
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Wilton C - clamp With 6 - 1/16 - inch Jaw Opening & 4 - 1/8 - inch Throat Depth
Wilton clamps are the ones to get. They are usually made in China but boast decent enough quality for the price. Talking about Wilton 14256, it's produced to Wilton specs and not only a shoddy c-clamp can any company arrange up with or without their name on it. It's dissimilar…
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Pros & Cons Of Powermatic Pm2800b Drill Press
I trust Powermatic to make high quality equipment for professional woodworkers. That’s why when I saw a Powermatic drill press in PM2800B, I thought it would be a good purchase as I was in need of one. Apparently, not all Powermatic machines are made to perfection and mine was one…
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Why Wilton 10010 Truck Vise Is A Good Purchase
Working on my JET band saw I usually need a medium duty vise to do some complementary work. I purchased this 6 inch Wilton vise for the carport after my sibling broke the 5" one I purchased at Ace Hardware; the throwing split on the jaws. He made the best…
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Repair & Maintenance Of Drill Pres Belt
I have a Powermatic drill press which I have owned for many years along with a newer JET drill press that I do my heavy duty work on. Experience has taught me a few things about repairing and maintaining this important part of your shop. In the event that the…
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35 Things To Do When Using A Jet Lathe
What professional woodworker doesn’t admire the work of JET lathe machines? They are well made, durable and perform well for the price. But like any other machinery, they need to be handled and used with utmost care. Here are some pointers that will ensure you are not only safe but…
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Pros And Cons Of Hitachi Ds18dsal 18v Li - ion Cordless Drill/driver
When it comes to powerful drills and drivers, I have utilized DeWalt and Craftsman devices for whatever…
What Makes Hitachi Nr9aes The Best Framing Nailer
When it comes to nail guns and drills, I have always preferred to buy Hitachi as they are manufactured…
Why Hitachi Nt50ae2 Brad Nailer Offers Great Value
I’ve stayed with Hitachi nail guns for as far as I can remember as they feature best in class build…
Cleaning & Maintenance Of Jet Drill Press Chuck
Millions of craftsmen and carpenters rely on JET drill presses around the globe to get their tasks done…
15 Days With Jet J2530 15 Inch Bench Drill Press
I usually go with JET machines because their drill presses are easy to maintain as JET drill press parts…
Gimmicks In A Lathe You Should Not Care About
When you are looking to buy a lathe, there are many options out there for you. Going with JET lathe…
Why Jet 354165 Jdp - 15m Drill Press Is Still A Good Value
This drill press is heavy however can be taken care of around on the ground without a lot of issue.…
Brief Review Of Porter Cable 690lr 11 - amp Fixed Base Router
Throughout the years I've claimed numerous Porter Cable tools as they are great in performance and Porter…
Why Porter Cable C1010 Is A Stand - out Compressor
Compressors and Porter Cable both go back a long way. Craftsmen, handymen and contractors have relied…
Best Milwaukee Pliers You Can Buy
Milwaukee manufactures a lot of things including power tools, home improvement products, equipment,…