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Hi, my name is Jaime Jay, creator of the Traffic Blog Cafe. I wanted to personally thank you for visiting (TBC) today. My personal goal is to help as many people out with their own home-based business. TBC is what I like to call a work in progress. The site will always be changing the more I learn and the more resources I discover to pass along to you. Hopefully, these tools and resources may become part of your personal arsenal to help your work from home project!

TBC is a blogging platform dedicated to the enrichment of fellow internet marketers that provides an ethical and educational community. Whether you are just beginning your journey on the world wide web, or you have been successful before and are just looking to grow your online community, TBC is excited to work with you. Are you seeking another arena in which to expand your knowledge of the current industry? Are you looking to challenge yourself?

TBC is determined to provide consistent feedback and intuitive, thought provoking content to motivate community participation in order to achieve effective, goal oriented, internet marketing campaigns using various vertical market approaches. Learn and provide the latest trends as they direct the way internet marketing strategies are carried out.

If there is one thing we all know, it’s that the internet is the largest moving entity that is ever-changing and to understand these changes from a purely raw and real-life point of view only helps to secure a solid foundation for the future of our industry so your hard work and implementation efforts aren’t for nothing.

Just about everything you can think of regarding internet marketing can be, or will be found on this site. The great thing about blogging is that the information is constantly updated reflecting strategies and topics relevant to affiliate and internet marketing and that’s what will set apart from other similar solutions.


For more information, feel free to contact TBC or comment below. We fully believe in community involvement and interaction. One of the best ways we can grow is by growing together using our own community. We would like to hear any suggestions and/or comments you have that will help grow our community.

The Internet Marketing Shift Analogy
Make Each Shift Count As in Hockey, you often hear coaches shouting to play the game shift by shift. Give them a full 60 minutes, but play each shift of the game as if it was their last. Each shift only lasts about 30-45 seconds because the players are skating…
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Blogging Your Passion to Earn!
Some people may consider this is a very controversial topic; however, I am of the belief that blogging is simply one of the most fun ways to earn money. Quite simply, blogging is the best way to get new and original content out into the world wide web. You should…
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Blogging…what the Heck is That?
Well, in case you don’t know what blogging is, I’m going to attempt to explain it to the best of my ability. A blog, which is short for a Web log, is an Internet service that allows people to post a sort of journal entry that is usually centered around…
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