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My name is Travis White I just found a new joy of writing and have mostly published content on hubpages but have started to expand. I now have a blog with more of my music articles.

Tips On Writing
Lately, I've found that writing is my new way to vent. Whether I'm writing an article, a poem, a story, or whatever for some reason I just feel better afterwards. Though I like to write I feel like its hard to sit down and just write mainly because I have…
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5 Things You Shouldnt Do At A Concert
Rock concerts? Who doesn't enjoy going to a concert? Ever since I started going to them years ago has made me want to go to one every night if I could. Now I have a different outlook on them because their are too many people who go for the wrong…
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3 Things Not To Ask A Rock Star
Back when I was younger I always dreamed of being a rockstar, but after going to many concerts I realized that I would never be able to live that lifestyle. Plus I can't play an instrument or hold a tune for the life of me. In that case I know…
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