TSpears (Street Articles Author)

It's funny how now I try to get into making something out of myself. There's always profiles everywhere asking a bio. I personally feel just explaining about myself is on the side of gloating, in my opinion, I will make this short and simple.

I am in the category of the Jack of All trades and striving each new day to obtain another skill set. Granted at the time been I'm an amateur writer. I do hope indeed making articles here at Street Articles will slowly ascend my grammar skills. Other then that, I deal with the hobbies of alternative nutrition and healing, arts, theology, metaphysics, physical fitness, zoology/animal study and many more. I am striving with the goal of one day becoming least a professional artist since I love to draw/create more then any of the above posted hobbies.

At this dismay, I'm constantly on the move and rarely have the time to stop and talk. I'm focus on accomplishing my goal and learning more knowledge of different subject matters or skill sets. The name I prefer to be called is Spears. Nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time of checking out my profile.

Pollen Base Energy Drink
We all have been in the fatigue state or experience those times where we either run to either energy or some form energy boosting substances with caffeine in it. Then as the time goes by, we all became more consciously aware of what’s in our products that we consume since…
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