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Hello, I am Ty Johnson, I am a husband, father, internet marketer, & business owner. Being a husband and a father are the most important and rewarding part of my life, I am crazy about my family, and I do the best I can to provide a decent and loving home for them, and set moral examples in everything I do in life.

My wife and I own our own business, a small bottled water company, we deliver 5 gallon bottles, as well as the personal sports bottles, we have many stores and personal accounts, and our water taste very good if I do say so myself.

I am really more of a salesman and marketer at heart tho, I love to help people find solutions to their problems, or answer questions people have, about subjects I am familiar with, I guess you could say it is my calling, or my gift.

My goals are to set the best example I can not only to my family but to other around me as well, so you will not learn any black hat or unethical marketing from me, I use white hat methods only and I have great results because of it.

My belief is that if you write great content and help people, then the people will find you, and when they do, they will share you with others, and that is the number one way that people get visits to their websites.

God Bless, and thank you for reading.

How to Quit Smoking the Easy Way
Quitting smoking easy? That's impossible! Well it used to be impossible but not anymore, with the help of electronic cigarettes quitting is easier then ever. The key is in emulating the real smoking experience, something the gum and the patch have been unable to do. Sure they offer a nicotine…
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What is the Best Way to Quit Smoking Cigarettes?
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How to Compare Electronic Cigarettes
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What To Look For In An Electronic Cigarette Review
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Water Vapor Cigarette Comparison
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I've Got Mine Screw Everyone Else
I don't know about you but I am so tired of the I've got mine screw everyone else mentality. I keep seeing more and more of it too. You know what I mean, it's when someone gets what they want and you see them for who and what they really…
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How To Monitor Your Reputation Online
If you're an internet marketer one of the many things you're going to want to know is how to monitor your reputation online. It could be your own reputation or the reputation of a company you represent. Remember, when you're promoting something you are representing that company. What you don't…
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Are There Any Good Wordpress Themes?
The question is, are there any good WordPress themes. The answer is yes. I have tried a ton of themes in my stint as an Internet Marketer and when I first started one of the most frustrating things I had to deal with was getting a site half built just…
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An Article Marketing How to Guide
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