U Got Christina (Street Articles Author)

For the past 20 years Christina has been privately buying and selling real estate in traditional methods as well as with rent to own options. She is the author of The Rent To Own Homes Resource website which helps to give buyers and sellers the information and resources they need to make a successful rent to own home sale.
Darling Divas & Tot Terrors In Tiaras
I can't help myself - I'm addicted to children's reality pageant shows! I know many people would think I should be ashamed - and believe me - I fully expected to be disgusted and horrified to see little girls dressed up like hookers being exploited for the benefit of their…
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Facts About Cats For Closet Cat-ties (And How To Keep Your Cat Affair Clandestine)
You know who I’m talking about… you know who you are. You’re first and loudest to tell anyone listening that cats have no right to live. To you, the kind of people that are cat-lovers, (or cat-ies), makes you shudder in revolt. Weak, spongy miscreants willing to act like idiots…
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Real Housewives Of OC: Lost Footage Was The Best Footage
Am I alone here, or was last night's Season 6 Lost Footage the most interesting episode of the whole RHOC's season? I'm a huge fan from day one and feel I've weathered some pretty big Santa Ana's with the OC Wives franchise, but this year felt a little off right…
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Home Foreclosure Sales Lead To More Home Foreclosures And Bankruptcies
This spring the usual surge of home listings were added to the real estate market in hopes of capitalizing on the normal spring rush of home sales. In the economy today there are very few traditional real estate trends that you can count on, and while more homes were added…
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Rent To Own: Is Home Ownership Becoming Elitist?
With the tough economy today more and more people are being forced back into renting rather than owning their own homes. This could continue to be the trend with the increasing high rate of unemployment, upside-down mortgages, bankruptcies and rigid lending standards. Many are telling us that this is really…
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Rent To Own - Is It Cheaper To Rent Or Own?
One of the questions that keeps arising in today's real estate market from buyers is: it cheaper to rent a place to live than it is to own? That question is particularly important when there seems to be no end to the slippery-slide of declining home values. While there is…
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