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I started joining Wealthy Affiliate on May 17, 2013. I am still learning the ropes on starting my own business, but I am getting there, and it takes time to get to where I would like to be. Anyway, I currently work at the Pentagon for the Department of the Army doing Correspondence Control. I have been working for the Federal Government since November 17, 1980. I like what I do there, and I live in Alexandria, Virginia. My hobbies and interests are going to the movies, swimming/diving, bowling, minature golf, eating out with friends, traveling, reading, writing, acting, dancing, exercising, horseback riding, boating, and Pathfinders. The goals I want to achieve are voice acting, getting my Driver's license back, buying myself a new car, getting a nice place to live, taking real golf lessons, horseback riding lessons, traveling to Europe, and all over the world. Applying for dual citizenship to Canada and the United States, etc. I am 57 years going on 58 years old on July 2, 2013. I was born on July 2, 1955, and was born in Los Angeles, California.

Employment Opportunities FOR Everyone
Times are tough, when it comes to finding employment these days. In order to get a good paying job these days, you have to either go to school, or go to college or take online classes. I thought that we were all going to get furloughed from the Pentagon one…
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Hybrid Automobiles
Cars are a mode of transportation. They help people to get around, and I find that a car is my friend; not my enemy. Cars can get you to wherever you want to go, and as long as you follow the rules and regulations of the road, as well as…
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