Valerie W. Wicker (Street Articles Author)

My name is Valerie Wicker. I am 48 year old psychologist from Mason City, IA.

I am a specialist in human relationships. Helping men and women to solve their problems (for example, how to manage break ups, lack of commitment of one of them, save relationships before a divorce) is what I love to do.

My biggest hobby is candle making, but I also enjoy music, like 'The Eagles - New Kid In Town' and reading books like - 'The Counterfeiters - Andre Gide'. In some spare time I like to watch movies and my all time favorite is 'The Verdict (1982)'. Sometimes I am also watching some TV shows like 'Coupling'.

I like to connect with people, so feel free to contact me anytime.

Is He Relationship Material ? 3 Lessons I Learned From Computer Analysts
I am not a computer engineer but I have always been close to them, many members of my family and some friend work in fields related to computer science. How does my knowledge of the secrets of computer analysts' work relate to finding the correct man for a healthy, fulfilling…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Commitment   Sep 24, 2012  
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Commitment Issues In Men - Dangers Of Using Ultimatums
It is very common, among women who have been waiting to be proposed marriage for a long period of time, having commitment issues with their partner, to think that the best solution is to present their boyfriend an ultimatum concerning the relationship. If the woman wants badly to be engaged…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Commitment   Sep 24, 2012  
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Why Do Married Men Cheat their Wives ?
There are thousands of lines written about the subject, but there is still not an exact answer to the question: Why do married men cheat their wives? For many women, this is a mystery that they would like to get an answer. Surprinsingly, it seems to be a mystery for…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Affairs   Aug 07, 2012  
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How to Keep A Man Interested: 3 Easy Steps
Everyday there are a ton of women inquiring about how to keep a man interested. There is no doubt, in today’s society, it can be hard to keep a man interested for a variety of reasons, including other women. Don’t let this discourage you from trying though. If you want…
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What to Do When A Man Pulls Away ?
Is this situation familiar to you ? Your boyfriend does not call you as often as before, he is very slow returning your calls and often cancels your dates at the last minute with no apparent reason. The good news is that you are not alone. This happens to a…
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