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Hi I'm Vanessa and I'm a working mum with two kids - can't have more, it's expensive to have kids over where I live. Husband and kids are the loves of my life and since my husband and I share the same passion which is outdoor and adventure, we often bring our kids out for day hikes. It's pretty challenging looking for great places to hike since Singapore is essentially a city and almost every possible land is converted into some money-making "thing", be it roads or buildings.

One of my other loves is public speaking. Yea weird but true...perhaps you don't know of many people who would actually enjoy doing this, frankly neither do I. So not surprising that quite a number of my friends just don't understand why anyone would like doing this. I guess it's the adrenalin that is strongly felt before every presentation. Just like the extreme sportsmen like base jumpers, skydivers, people who do free solo on walls (free solo = people who climb natural walls/cliffs without any safety device, which means if they lose grip, death is almost a certainty), these people feel the adrenalin rush every single time and it's this feeling that excites them and keeps them going back for more. So I guess it's the same for me.

I have made countless presentations and have had the opportunity to speak to many different types of audience in my career in the outdoor education arena. Because I enjoy making presentations and speak in public, I literally pore through many literary materials on this topic and try out various techniques on different aspects. To help you in becoming an effective speaker, I would like to share them with you as well! Do read through my articles and feel free to leave comments or questions. I will be most glad if I can lend you a hand when you need one.

Overcoming Fear Of Public Speaking
Most people I know shun away from public speaking - for one reason alone - fear. But why would fully functioning adults fear one of the simplest and basic of activity, which is simply talking? Certainly, public speaking is directed at a larger group of people and apparently this alone…
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Elements In Persuasive Presentations
Three Essential Elements in Persuasive Presentations Good presentation skill is not abstract, nor is it rocket science. With the internet and the multiple resources that can be found in bookstores or training available in the market in this subject matter, ANYBODY can learn how to make effective presentations. It is…
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