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VARA Tape delivers effective PAIN RELIEF and SUPPORT to combat hundreds of conditions. It promotes IMPROVED CIRCULATION, SPEEDS RECOVERY and PREVENTS injury. VARA Kinesiology Tape can be applied to almost any part of the body.

Why is Kinesiology Tape Gaining so Much Popularity Among Athletes Nowadays?
It needs not be announced that athletes should protect their bodies. Therefore they make sure that they are taking required safety precautions along with the training. Though the players are always very careful about these sensitive issues but then again at times, it so happens that athletes train so hard…
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KT Sports Tape - How It Works?
You might have observed some kind of colorful stripped tattoos on the bodies of athletes during the sporting event. This is the KT tape. It is known by several other names like kinesiology tape, sports tape and athletic tape. It is a professional sports medicine that has shown a remarkable…
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KT Tape Back For Every One
There are many reasons of having back pain. The main reasons are the joints over use or misuse, improper posture, any injury etc.The back sometimes becomes injured during athletic activities. Games and sports is the common reason of back pain. Among many different medicines, pain killers and home remedies, the…
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Where To Buy Kinesiology Tape
THE KINESIOLOGY ATHLETIC TAPE TO MAKE IT EASY FOR EVERY BODY : Kinesiology tape is made for everyone from athletes to ordinary people. The evolution of Kinesiology tape has solved many complications of the athletes. It is easy to apply. Step-by-step guidelines are included on the Kinesiology athletic tape to…
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Selecting the Right Type Of Sports Tape
Everyone loves sports. But while playing injuries are always unpredictable. You can’t guess when you are going to be injured. As soon as you get injured, you are at the point of losing the game. Injuries occur when the body part, muscle or tendon is over used during an activity.…
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Introduction to Athletic Tape
Athletic tape is a therapeutic tape that is applied directly to the skin over the affected area to support the muscles and bones during sports activity. The tape also keeps the muscles and joints in a certain position. The tape is basically used for the relief of pain. The athletic…
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The Overview Of The Athlete Tape
Athlete tape is intended to increase natural blood flow around the muscles. It is applied to the skin for retaining a firm position of bones and muscles during the performance of any athletic activity. The tape is basically used for reducing the pain and help in the recovering from the…
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Kinesiology Tape For Professional And Olympic Athletes
Players have been using the taping method since a long time to support their hold in the sports especially the baseball and the hockey. It helps the fatigued or swollen muscles by providing them maximum support. The taping method looks same like a bandage applied on different parts of the…
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Why Kinesiology Tape Is So Efective
Kinesiology Tape is a sort of flexible therapeutic tape that was developed in the 1970 by a Japanese Chiropractor. Today, Kinesiology tape is also known as sports tape and Kinesio athletic tape. It has greatly gained high fame due to its amazing properties. It is based on the latest techniques…
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KT Sports Tape Effects On Sports
When you are an athlete or are related to the field of sports, then the chances of some sort of injury or the muscle pulling is quite common. Life is not the same if you are experiencing any sort of pain in your body especially when you are expected to…
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