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How to Apply for A Religious Visa Abaut
R-1 Visa is especially reserved for religious workers to work in the United States. Usually this non-immigrant visa is valid for three years, but it can extend for another two years, totally it's valid for five years. If the applicant interested to live in the USA permanently, the R-1 Visa…
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Immigration Visa Process | Immigration Attorney NYC
A US Visa is a credit card size identification card to enter into the United States. This visa is approved by the DHS, CBP office. So the foreigner can bring some luggage, instruments as per Custom and Border Protection (CBP) office guidelines. However, the foreigner can live in the United…
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US Citizenship Tips
The naturalization process is necessary for all US citizens and who is looking for US citizenship. The US citizen automatically gets citizenship when they are born in the USA, but the foreigner requires and follows many immigration laws to qualify the naturalization process. The recent immigration reforms also help to…
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