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In 2007 I retired early from a large corporation to spend more time with family. My old job kept me traveling all the time and it got old after 15 years.

Now I spend most of my time helping others achieve success in their lives and have been fortunate to have helped many people earn extra income, by directing them to the right internet marketing company that fit their needs.

I have researched many many companies and picked a handful of the best opportunities and honest, solid companies. If you pick the wrong company to work with no matter how good the product you will never be able to earn any kind of good money. If you are looking for something like that I would be glad to work with you.


I Chose Not To Participate
I keep hearing that the recession is so terrible; everyone is going to be out of work. No one can make any money now. You can’t save any money and on and on. I say hogwash! The fact of the matter is yes 8% of the population is out of…
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It's A New Month
I don't know about you but I love when the new month begins. It is brand new for you to make of it what you wish. The old month is gone, along with it all the trials and problems it had. This is now the 6th of June, I know…
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Did You Ever Tell Anyone to Do As I Say Not As I Do?
Well that is what is about to happen here. Most, if not all of you, realize I am a firm believer in multiple streams of income. If you look at my website you will notice a few other packages out there besides ASN. Realize I have been doing this for…
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