Vhogz P Oliquino (Street Articles Author)

Hi, my name is Vhogz, a die hard tech junkie who has so much passion on computers. I'm an Architect by profession. I own a contracting business in the construction industry. I trade currencies in the FOREX market. I'm also engaged in affiliate marketing. I'm married to a beautiful wife. We are having our first baby next year. Playing chess is my hobby, and I discovered just now that blogging and writing articles can be fun too.

My 2013 PC Reviews
The following are my top 10 PC reviews for next year, 2013. Some of which still belongs to my top 10 list this year. There are many great things to anticipate next year and I hope my review could help some of you on what to choose for buying. So…
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Gpu, the Acceleration Check
GPU, short for graphics processing unit, is also called visual processing unit (VPU). It is a highly specialized electronic circuit designed primarily to alter and manipulate memory to accelerate the building of images in a frame buffer intended for output display in computers. It works parallel with CPUs in manipulating…
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The Mind Of A Chess Player
Chess is a game that has fascinated me since I was a child. I learned as I watched my father played with some of his friends. He would occasionally teach me the rules and the psychology of the game. My father was not a genius or some sort of that…
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