Vicki West Osland (Street Articles Author)

Vicki West Osland, LISW, CADC

I am Vicki, author, therapist, singer/songwriter, visionary… I have been a writer and performer since I was a child, and had planned to use music, poetry and drama to change the world. As it turned out, I became addicted to methamphetamine and cocaine for a decade and my career path took a sharp turn.

After the second rehab finally took, I went back to school, certified as a substance abuse counselor, and got a master’s degree in social work. I wrote my thesis on poetry therapy and became a certified poetry therapist in the process (a lucky find- since I have used poetry to keep myself sane for years!) Since graduating in 2003, I have worked in HIV/Hepatitis C prevention, as a methamphetamine clinical trials research therapist, and as a social worker/chemical dependency counselor.

My passion is to help people use the written word to make powerful changes in their lives.

Five Tips For Detoxing From Drugs And Alcohol
Many of us are painfully aware of how difficult it can be to get clean and sober and stay that way. Many more of us could use a 30 day detox once or twice a year just to give our livers a rest and let our bodies purify from the…
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