Vimal Chopra (Street Articles Author)

Vimal Chopra – AN INTRODUCTION Born: 29/8/1951 at Delhi Education from Ramjas College Delhi University, studied B.Com (Hons) Gold Medalist & Dr. of Vastu besides numerous citations by national and international organizations. Few are JYOTISH SHRI, JYOTISH SHIROMANI, JYOTISH MARTAND, and JYOTISH SAMRAT.

Vimal Chopra has produced and directed three religious video films on Mata Vaishno Devi namely JAAGRAN, SAARE BOLO JAI MATA DI & JAI MAA. He studied astrology very seriously under the able guidance of Sh. S.K.Pathak famous alumnus from Lal bahadur Shastri Vidyapeeth and now practicing as astro-palmist in U.K.

He has been a force behind organizing and participating in astrological conferences and spoken on various important subjects. His talents have been widely recognized. His astrological analysis was published in Astrological Magazine, Future Samachar and Astrology the Soul of All. He has been the editor of a journal called FORECAST ABHIYAAN.

He was associated with SOBHAGYA TV CHANNEL as its Vice-President(Marketing).

He is practicing as Astro-Palmist and Vastu Consultant.

He has researched and devised special remedies on saturn’s (Shani’s) Sade Sati and Kaal Sarp Yoga.

He specializes in giving solutions to specific individual problems, advising on Matrimonial alliances. He has helped many of his satisfied customers while practicing for 15 years in Palika Parking Bazar in Connaught Place, New Delhi. Contact VIMAL CHOPRA

Make Yourself The Most Wanted
Every person on this globe has unique identity. Even twins may differ in shape and size; even if they are identical they will be different in their nature and behavior. Nobody is born perfect and nobody is perfect but as a human resource you are the bouquet of qualities and…
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Love And Respect God's Creations
The idea to write this article came in mind while watching a television program where viewers were being advised to love and respect all the creations of God. The question was relevant to the modern society in which man made creations are being worshipped by different sects religion and beliefs…
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Pass on the Legacy
As a child I had watched my Grand Father as a very strict and disciplined person. He had a fixed life schedule. He used to get up daily at about 5 in the morning, drink more than two glasses of water, clear is bowel, take a cup of tea then…
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For Your Success
Fifteen things to Give Up for your SUCCESS 1. Doubting Yourself: The first and foremost thing that you must stop doubting yourself. You must believe in you, your caliber, your talent and your actions. Have confidence in what you do and plan for you in life. Keep a definite plan…
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Vastu Basics - use Them for Your Betterment
During our childhood we used to stay in spacious mansions which had open courtyards with several window openings in North and East. Such spacious houses were well ventilated with ample sunshine throughout the day. Most of structures were built as per Vastu principles. Vastu is the science of directions that…
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