Vincent Nguyen (Street Articles Author)

Vincent Nguyen started Self Stairway in late January of 2013. Born and raised in Southern California until the great migration of ’12 into Arizona which left the state of California devastated at such a loss. Arizona however, rejoiced heavily at the appearance of a star-studded celebrity.

He is currently a college student in Arizona looking to dive in with both feet into the field of Public Relations, while simultaneously running a blog in which he considers full time. Unsurprisingly, a job as demanding as PR requires the ability to write and articulate well, so Self Stairway is perfect preparation for such a career.

Without the knowledge of his family, Vincent Nguyen has high hopes for Self Stairway to become a popular blog in which he can provide countless aid to those who seek it. With a poetic tongue that Apollo himself would envy, Vincent churns out material that will melt the heart of even Hades.

While maintaining Self Stairway, he enjoys several hobbies. His main extracurricular is Tennis in which he would admit he is not very good despite five years of playing. Latin Dancing is an art that has long fascinated him but there has been no location in Arizona that appears credible and worthy enough of his grace as of yet (use the contact form if you have any recommendations in the West Valley area).

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