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I lost my job when the bank I worked for sold, so am unemployed and have found it nearly impossible to find another position. Had long thought about Internet Marketing from home, so was searching to educate myself on how to do so successfully. I luckily ran across Ian Pribyl's website and it was he who pointed me to the Wealthy Affiliate website.

I am the Mother of three, grandmother of four, and great grandmother of three! There are also two little poodle dogs who jealously argue over lap time with me. Invariably I find myself sitting at the computer with one or the other in my lap, and Becca loves to lay her head on the desk and watch the monitor as I write. These two pups are my self-appointed protectors and are no-nonsense guardians of all that comes within their line of sight. They express great umbrage for any and all who happen to innocently pass by on the street, pull into a neighbor's drive, or dare to knock on our door.

Born during the WWII era, I could be classified as either a Traditionalist or a Baby Boomer. However, with my birth date sitting on the line between the two, I haven't been able to make up my mind which I prefer to be, so have decided to draw insight from one or the other as it suits my fancy, or perhaps to press a point I am trying to make. Frankly, I am still having problems trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, so who knows what I might choose to do on any given day!

I have a very large extended family and a genealogy that includes at least one documented Revolutionary soldier. I remain a small town girl who never got the sand out of her shoes, or lost her love for all things South-of-The- Mason-Dixon-Line. Family, community, friends, food, sun, nature, golf, a great fishing fleet, a bounty of rivers, lakes, creeks, and the great Gulf of Mexico make for an unbelievable magnetic force that keeps folks like me tied to the South.

Just a warning, I am a political news-junkie (and opinionated), and although I honestly try my best to be fair and balanced, I will invariably choose those conservative values instilled throughout my life. Most can agree that there are two polar opposite groups - both those with a far left ideology, and those with a far right ideology. Unfortunately they always seem to be front and center causing far too many folks to focus on their antics which overshadows the better points of each group. Although mistakenly misunderstood by some, conservative values are strong in faith, love, and empathy for one's fellow-man. Putting aside all the excessive drama, faux emotion, cheesy party talking points, and allowing all sides to calmly speak and reason, I hope to always consider the finer points of every disagreement. We are none right all the time. But I try.

Today, A Doggie And A Penny Cost Me $558
Today is Sunday and considered an ‘emergency’ day for Vets in my community. We have a group of Veterinarians (God Bless Them!) that take turns being the ‘on-call’ doc for those animals suddenly taken ill, or who have been in accidents. This group of Vets is the counterpart to the…
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What's Up With Obamacare?
So now Obama gives business a one year delay from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate, but families and you the individual, do not get such consideration? How can that be? Employees whose employers do not furnish health insurance will be required to buy their own private…
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Will the GOP And the Dems Reach Compromise on Student Loan Rate Issues?
Under the current student rate approval system, interest rates are set by the politicians, and avoiding rate hikes and deadlines means that everyone has to get together "once again" to find a compromise. So many questions, so many politicians with private agendas, yet few reliable or acceptable answers are to…
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July 4th And Lack Of Grace In the USA on the Day the Egyptian Leadership is Over - Thrown
As I attempt putting these words to paper, chaotic scenes currently broadcasting of Tahrir Square show Egypt in the very loud and lively throes of over-turning their duly elected leadership. One year ago, the Egyptian people chose their leadership in a democratic election. However, a year later, the Egyptian economy…
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Unemployed And Unhappy
I was forced into retirement last year when the bank I worked for sold, and the new bank gave notice to entire departments and countless employees that they would be "displaced" - which in today's world translates back to the old world "you are fired" or "laid off'"! After having…
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Have Depression? Do You Need An Assistance Or A Therapy Dog?
If you have severe PTSD, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, chronic depression, problems with socializing or perhaps you are a recovering alcoholic, have you ever thought about owning a dog who could provide the emotional support and incentive to get you outside your door; to help you gain back control of…
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40 Shades Of Dog Love
With heart breaking and tears streaming down his face, my Daddy stumbled toward the back yard carrying Old Jim in his sturdy arms. Jim had been the undisputed best bird dog around - a gentle and humble dog, he was wise in the art of bird hunting, and he had…
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A Beloved Puppy And His New Companion
I brought Jack home when he was five weeks old. A miniature black poodle, Jack was the cutest puppy ever and adapted so well to being suddenly without his Mom and siblings. At his Big Mom's suggestion, about two weeks before bringing him home, I purchased a soft fabric cuddle…
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