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I am an observer of all moving souls. Seeing how they manipulate their mortal shells, the way they pulverize the remnants of its humanity bit by bit, makes my heart shudder.


Okay, let's just the crap.

My name is Wan Muhammad Zulfikri Bin Wan Yusoff and please call me Wan.

I am a human just like you and I have my own flaws. Whatever reason you have for visiting this page, I am obliged to say that I admire you.

So be sure to leave me a comment or anything and I will gladly reply to it. I love virtual discussion.

Why Do You Have Reading Regression? Speed Reading 101
Reading regression is the looking back at the text that you had read. People who have a slow reading speed tend to have severe reading regression and this can be caused by many things. Regression is also the cause of why it is hard to speed read initially. 1. Lack…
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How to Eliminate Subvocalization When Reading? Speed Reading 101
If you want to learn how to eliminate subvocalization when reading, then you are at the right place. I am assuming that you want to eliminate subvocalization because you read too slow or you want to learn how to speed read. What you only need to do is to read…
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How Can I Improve My Reading Skills? Speed Reading 101
How can I improve my reading skills? Hmm,.. it seems like a simple question to answer but is it? The simplest way to improve your reading skills is by to read as much as you can. But that is not a specific advice. There is one simple way for you…
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How to Improve My Vocabulary? Speed Reading 101
Had you ever ask yourself the question "How to improve my vocabulary?" I know I had. When I was in college, my friends usually call me the walking dictionary. I can show you my vocabulary skill in this article but it is not my attention to mystify you from understanding…
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How to Focus While Reading? Speed Reading 101
One thing that prevents people from reading faster is that they do not know how to focus while reading. There are many reasons why people lack focus and if you are aware of the problems that I will be highlight below, then you will be more focused when reading. Reasons…
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How to Manage Your Time Daily? Be More Productive Instantly
Want to learn how to manage your time daily? I will help you to do that with a step by step method that anyone can do. You will have to get yourself a spreadsheet program and if you do not have one, you can download free office program from OpenOffice…
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Different Levels Reading - the Smart People Reading Methods
The book "How to Read a Book" written by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren inspired the creation of different levels reading due the similarity of the principles used. First what do I mean by different levels reading? A method to read books according to its worthiness, it follows…
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Does Speed Reading Actually Work? Let Us See
Does speed reading actually work? A tricky question to answer. You need to define what do you mean by 'work'. People assume speed reading can help to improve reading speed AND comprehension. Take note of the emphasize on the word 'and'. If you think speed reading can help to improve…
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