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Well my name is Wayne and I live in the southern most part of Florida on a chain of islands (called keys)thats actually closer to Cuba then Miami. This place was populated by pirates and to be honest still is!I'm almost 3/4's of the way down in a place called Big Pine Key. It's yards away from No-Name Key (a place that got it's name literally because no one named it), by an area called Doctors Arm (the way the story goes is too much rum, pissed off pirate captain, doctor got kicked off the boat on a finger of land). Thinking about a place further north but just can't seem to get motivated enough to go explore. See I have 2 options when I leave. First option, go left to the dock, get into a little 16' Caroline Skiff and scoot out to several different fishing/lobster holes/sand bars that are between 5 to 8 minutes away all between Bogie Channel and Bahia Honda (if you don't know what that is you REALLY need to come down and visit). Second option is to head right and get into a car,take it out to Overseas Hwy and drive 3 HOURS just to get out of the keys and THEN have to start dealing with traffic .. you see my dilemma?? I'm sure I will eventually get the gumption up to go exploring after I have eaten the last stone crab claw and drank the last Corona .. maybe.

Wrestled for 17 years and spent most of my adult life as my own boss (often to my own detriment!!). I have several different interest's (business development, marketing, clinical nutrition & aging issues, etc ...) am extremely competitive for the most part and want to think I can become a true professional who's works are so compelling that the masses have no choice but to fanatically eat them up!! When in truth, more times then not, I will probably write about the stingray I just saw jump in the Pine Channel, or the dolphins that came to play in the wake, or even the annoying pod of manatee's that keep coming to the dock because SOMEONE leaves the garden hose trickling between 5 and 7am everyone morning :)

Today My Heart Broke
Have you ever come to the end, and the person you thought you were seems not to fit? When you look into someone else's eyes and see no glow anymore? When it finally hits you that its over? Nothing you can do or say can change what is coming next.…
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The Definition Of Good Health
What is good health? The definition of good health varies widely and depending on with whom you are speaking can have completely different meanings. On one side you have a group that wants to use prescription medications along with allopathic protocols as a means of stabilizing symptoms. The other side…
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Is Nutritional Supplementation Needed
It's probably going to help if we actually define what supplements are before we move further, but that's easier said then done. For reasons of trade control and monetization, the US, EU, WHO, and FAO of the United Nations all have a different definition of what exactly dietary supplementation is.…
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Eat Right for Your Type
This is something that has been talked about and tossed around for several years, and frankly, is still confusing and controversial, maybe even more so then when the idea first surfaced. How do you eat right for your type? What is your starting point, what food selections, and how much…
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What is Hair Analysis
In it's simplest terms, a Hair Trace Mineral Analysis (or HTMA) is a lab test that defines the nutrient content present in your body. Basically, it is a simple soft tissue biopsy that measures several different minerals present and shows general ratios, toxic heavy metals, and several other key metabolic…
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The Old Mcdonald Farm - A Lovecraftian Horror
Jumbled movement and shadowy haze is all there is, as sudden bursts seem to pound on your periphery keeping you on edge, wondering what’s waiting just out of reach and what else can it do to you! Stifled and oppressed, you rail once again against your plight only to strike…
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The Headlines Read - Proper Nutrition for Your Diet
“Proper Nutrition for your Diet” the headlines read and I started to get excited! This is what I am all about and I couldn’t wait to see what direction this was going to go. As I reached for my mouse to click into the article … I woke up (from…
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Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here!
The typical person walks through those doors not quite knowing what to expect. They have exhausted all traditional avenues, and still haven’t found the answers they are looking for. Pain tends to be the biggest motivator and will drive people outside of their comfort zones to the darkside, a region…
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The Vermicious Knid Conudrum
Hold your breath … make a wish … count to three … Over and over I hear this train running through my head. Brand new days are upon us full of hopes and dreams with new lands to conquer, mountains to climb, and paths to travel! Nothing can stop what’s…
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A Drunken Sailor Falls Down A Rabbit Hole
Starting the day out I had a thought – We spend all of our time championing causes, surrounding ourselves with like minded people, and trying to change the world any way we can. At times we become so insulated that we forget others have not walked our path, seen the…
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