William Lewis (Street Articles Author)

I am a college student at The George Washington University studying Political Science, having returned to school after and extended absence.

I currently am in the process of researching everything I can about home based businesses and which are successful. My goal is to allow people who are interested in starting a home based business to do so with as much information at their fingertips as possible. I decided to do this after being burned by more than one home business not necassarily because they were scams (though a few were) but because I didn't know what I was getting myself into and wasn't properly prepared.

Having worked in the debt settlement industry for five years I am also passionate about helping people get themselves debt free and financially stable. In my experience the amount of money someone makes has little influence over if they are able to be financially stable or not, instead being frugal and disciplined with spending and not being lured into the trap of credit cards is the key. With that in mind I am also focused on providing education to all people about how to prevent a financial nightmare and how to get out of one if it is too late.

Choosing the Right Home Business System
The first step in being successful when starting a home business is making sure that you choose the right home business system for you. By home business system I am referring to the type of business, not the specific program; that is to say affiliate programs, multi-level marketing, online stores,…
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