William Nolan (Street Articles Author)

William Nolan is a retired US Army Engineer with degrees in Architecture and Business. He has experience in the oil patch as an Project Controls Manager both in the United States and China. His interest are in Civil War History and the Sons of the Confederacy. He likes barbershop singing and politics. He has an e-Commerce business selling camping stoves and he loves writing about the outdoors and camping. He has been a Boy Scout since 1946 and is currently the Advancement Committeeman of a Boy Scout troop and has on 14 year old still in scouting. He raises gardens and has 4 dogs and two cats. At 75 his life is busy.

Are Camping Stoves Necessary
In the 1950's a Boy Scout could go anywhere and build a camp site without bothering anyone. Over time several things happened to change this situation. First people were careless, not just Scouts, and they left trash and dirty camp sites and some caused fires which damaged the land and…
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