William Ziminsky (Street Articles Author)

I grew up in a small New England town in the Northeastern region of the United States, where I have lived my whole life. Where I live now with my wife & two children we get snow almost every winter, which allows for some amazing winter scenery! It is just beautiful after a fresh snow. You really need to see one for yourself in person if you haven't yet.

I'm a normal guy, I love life and love living. I like traveling and making money, trying to make the two fit together with my new online business. I also help connect people with small business and other types of financing, if I can help you reach out anytime and I can tell you about the programs offered.

And check out the About Me pages on my websites below for more info about me!

www.smallbusinessloanreviews.com www.mortgagementor.com (this one is still under construction) www.iworkonlinenow.com

William Ziminsky will@smallbusinessloanreviews.com www.smallbusinessloanreviews.com 978-502-5717

Online Business Loan Approval
Getting A Business Loan Approval Online If you are looking for a business loan online, and you need to secure your funding quickly, the last place to go is to a traditional lender or a local bank for an online approval. I researched banks and traditional lenders for business loan…
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Before I Started My Online Business
About Me My First Taste Hey there, my name is Will, and I'm a full-time Affiliate Marketer. Most salespeople remember their very first sale working in a new business, but when I confirmed the internet could be used to generate income with my first online sale, it completely changed my…
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Secret To Successful Affiliate Marketing
Shhhhh....... Most people when starting out (myself included) put WAY too much time into identifying a niche or idea to base their businesses on, and this does nothing but waste valuable mental resources. I've created this article called the secret to successful affiliate marketing to show you techniques that will…
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Fundia Capital Review
Fundia Capital Small Business Loan Review Name: Fundia Capital Established: 2014 Lender Type: Loan Finding Service Funding Locations: Nationwide How To Apply: Online Cost To Apply: FREE Personal Rating: 8 out of 10 - Fundia Capital received an almost perfect score from us, and if it weren't for their funding…
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