William6 (Street Articles Author)

My name is William.

I retired from the United States Army after serving 22 years of military duty.

After the Army I worked at several small jobs hating almost every one of them.

I found that working for myself was what I really liked.

With an investment of a $300 I launched several small enterprises from landscaping to buying and selling new and used merchandise.

Fifteen years later I walked away from the business world.

Not being one to stand around and watch life pass me by I incorporated the activities of treasure hunting, metal detecting, digging for antique bottles, hiking, fishing and urban, suburban and rural exploration. It was a good life.

A few years ago my doctor warned me to curtail some of my outdoor activities due to over-exposure in the sun. Skin cancer made me begin seeking indoor interests.

I started with genealogy, writing short stories, and working with internet marketing. Over the past 5 years my interests have turned into several mini-businesses.

I now spend my days researching different ways of marketing (social,Article, and affiliate sales marketing. I like to cook and try out new recipes.

As my newest form of outdoor recreation I have taken up vegetable gardening.

I am a very happy person.

Seven Great Principles for Family Tree Research
Every Quest Starts With The First Step I began my sojourn of researching my family tree with one page of college ruled notebook paper, containing a few scribbled notes plus a very small list of names written on it. Now after more than fifteen years of research, I have a…
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15 Ways to Prevent Accidents In the Garden
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Container Gardening For Limited Living Spaces
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When Preparing the Garden Site, Protect Yourself
The Task at Hand One of the biggest obstacles of starting a garden is clearing the grounds where the garden is going to be. If there is already an area designated on your property where recent gardens have been, then you are at an advantage. Most likely the grounds require…
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I Quit Smoking And You Can Too
“As an example to others, and not that I care for moderation myself, it has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep and never to refrain when awake.” - Mark Twain on his 70th birthday speech . Why Quit? I smoked cigarettes for 42 years before deciding to…
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