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Hi my name is Jan; I'm of Swedish-Danish parents and have been traveling the world since young age. Apart from this passion of exploring other countries and their cultures I like to write about exercise, beer, betting, sports, home based business and do-it-yourself stuff.

Choose Your Beer
Ever walk in to the beer section of your local supermarket and feel overwhelmed? You're not alone. Herein lies a path to helping your understanding of beer. Beer. It can be overwhelming. Bocks, Dopplebocks, Stouts, Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, Hefeweizens, Blonds, Browns, Ambers, Reds, Porters. Oy! You can get…
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How to Brew Beer at Home From Scratch
Home brewing beer is simple for the beginner, but with the acquisition of a few additional items, the quality of beer brewed at home can be dramatically improved. Here is of the simplest methods that describes how to brew beer at Home from Scratch. Home brewing beer can be as…
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Beer Brewing And The History
Exactly when humans first began making alcoholic beverages such as beer is not known with any amount of certainty. However, a major turning point in human history was the transition from a foraging and collecting society to a productive, agrarian one. This gradual transition happened very early (ca. 9000-7000 BC)…
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