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What is image without a soul? yet we all need an image, but question is do we need a soul?

The Love That Did Not Exist, But Became True Love/ Part One
For those of us for whom lying awake dreaming about love and such is a daily task, it is entirely a trance to survive the truth. There is a story in my memory, that I can't explain how it got there in the first place. As luck will have it,…
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The Mind Of the Poet
Dreams lay awake in the subconscious mind awaiting to come on the stage of the living and be true. Never knowing who will they come true for, not realizing what desires they will give birth to. Chased by the light of the sun's insatiable moves during the day, the poet…
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The moment when you know the best song will play
Inspiration is born with the minimal effort sometimes. The smell of the ground after rain, a child, a beautiful woman a smile just one look, can arise deep emotions. Most times it is pain and despair what inspires poetry and story writing. In solitude powerful words come out of their…
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The Mind Forgets But the Heart Does Not
Of all things that our minds keep buried inside, many are just a fixed memory. The mind knows how to reproduce painful experiences and make them easier to accept. The heart senses memories from past, and is capable of recognising the true source of them. As the blood flows through…
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Topics To Write An Article
How to find Writing Topic Ideas I must say sometimes is easy, others the search feels like beating a raccoon with broom. Basically you want to find ideas that are relevant to the product you are promoting. Not always you will make those connections and sometimes you need to follow…
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Marketing Objectives
Have a book to market? Be loud, tell everyone that is available. This is the most important strategy to market a book, go your own way to do most of the word of mouth advertising. Second, find a way to include paper advertising to compliment your spoken advertising, but do…
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Tips for Writing An E - mail Newsletter
Make a plan before you start Know the number of posts articles and other material you will publish Choose the correspondent images according to the content Make sure you have your own post ready for publication Choose the campaign links Choose your newsletter template Researching for a newsletter Read up…
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Sacred Words
Have you all noticed how some words banded from use on some sites, specially publishing sites. M-O-N-E-Y, or B-E-S-T are absolutely not mentioned at all because they are usually used as a call to action in many sites including these publishing sites. I tend to forget about this as to…
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Researching Keywords
Keyword research will bring us close to a true exploration of the clarity, use, relevance and competition of these words on the Internet. This means that you will be able to focus on the words that best fit the time and product on the Internet. The Internet changes every minute,…
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Ten Thousand Words to A New Book Part Two
The emotional concepts you put into a new book is the passion that fills your heart and the need to tell others about it. As I see it the association we make between our lives and the things we do every day is the main ingredient to create the book…
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