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What is image without a soul? yet we all need an image, but question is do we need a soul?

The Book Of My Dreams Using An Electronic Medium
Last year electronic books double their popularity among Internet users. A lot more Internet books sold over paper backs. The interest on electronic books comes from those users who are giving it a chance despite their love for printed books. It seems that for writers the chances of selling via…
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Tomorrow's Poetry!
I exist, I am. I belong to the human race. I heat up I swollen up, I cry, I die after my heart gets broken. Today many know me, but they don't know of my passions. Today you accept me, thinking I am just a personified talking piece. Who will…
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Article Writing
In this large pool of words lessons and critique we have writing to lean upon and be able to learn what is interesting to others. Think about it, how else are we going to know about other cultures, other sciences, other writings and communications if is not from the hand…
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Prose, The Meaningful Element Of Communication And A Business
No wonder everyone is writing this days. While verbal communication has lost a bit of form with all the technology and all, humans are conducting their communicative efforts trough other channels like writing. That is good as writing is the form of communication from our hearts and spirits. Technology has…
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The Truth About Internet Books Versus Paper Ones
There is a list of conveniences and inconveniences about both Internet and printed books. For instance these electronic devices used to read Internet books use batteries which life span is short, one can not use them during a plane ride, and not everyone is comfortable using electronics. On the other…
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E - book Article Marketing
Promotional campaigns and marketing is changing by the minute. Today one can have great options and advertisement possibilities to work with. The writing business itself has changed to a new form or expression that complements technology. Printed books today are more of a collectible item than a form of expression…
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Business Socialization on The Internet
Social networking is a big part of business development. It gives us all a chance to keep track on current customers and possible ones. Business owners can promote product specials, and or business related news. When done to prove the consistency and value of our current marketing and promotion campaign…
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Ten Thousand Words to A New Book!
There is no greater contribution to a person who uses thoughts and transforms them into words, like that given by sources of mystery. It is extraordinary to find out that simple things carry so much enigma within. A cup of tea may transform into memories of a walk through a…
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Eccentric Behavior Of Socialites
I often wonder how would I be treated by others if I jumped on a couch and behaved as a child at my current age. On a funny note, my husband replied that he would make sure I be institutionalized. Now, we know why some socialites, rich and famous people…
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Bookshops Are Dying
The death of a book store is not just based on the high online market for screen books and or Internet distribution of existent literature, although this has a lot to do with it. High rent fees among other things are difficult to meet for people who live on a…
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