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What is image without a soul? yet we all need an image, but question is do we need a soul?

My Book Is Here! My Child's Reputation Begins Piece Three Of Three
This is the chapter and part of the process where I finally give birth (as a matter of speaking) to my book. By then all the research done and the resources exhausted made the produce magical and worth reading. Or at least that is what I would think of my…
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My Book, My Child! Piece One Of Three
Who hasn't dreamed of writing a book. It is not for the money or even the prestige that it might bring but it is because of what we hide inside. After all, we spend our human life chasing basically the same outcome, happiness, the difference is we all have a…
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I Have A Book Idea, The Process Piece Two Of Three
I always think of my readers, and usually, I make time to thank them for taking their time to read what I write. We, (my readers and me) often comment on what they have understood of my writing or make little useful remarks and give advice. You all are my…
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Write A Book!
Writing a book can take up a lot of your time, a short book is about forty thousand words. As with any other writing work one most focus, research and planning. The money is not the most important reason to write a book, the reasons for writing one have to…
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Desktop Publishing Services
This is a great home based business idea for those who have some knowledge of computers and computer programs designed to print and create forms and other office work. If done skillfully the product that comes out has great quality and great layouts. You can produce your own book, menus,…
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Because I Love Writing
We love the way that writing makes us feel. Some of us get a chance to know and learn how we leave an impression in people's intellectual living. The reason, we care and make an effort to show the best of what we write about is traffic building. You may…
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Your Words, Your Gain Or Your Loss!
When writing try to make the best of the words you have researched. Mean what you write and write what you mean, specially if you write to promote a product. Learn everything you can about that product, even the negative side of it. By learning the negative aspects of that…
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Be Your Own Critic
How many times you write something and ask other people to read it and tell you what they think. That is a great strategy of quality writing sorting, right? Well, yes if the those doing the proof read is honest enough to tell you the truth. When we ask friends…
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Lets Talk About Cooking!
Making food is a therapeutic form of expression for some. Creating new dishes make people happy and eating the product make our families happier. The best part of cooking is creating the plate, but finding the ingredients that go in the recipe is a lot of fun because it gives…
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Quality Articles!
Finding the words that fit a particular subject is part of giving a group of words the characteristics and attributes of an informative piece. Superior articles make people read, re-visit the site, share the article with others which in turn brings more visitors to a site. The words that make…
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