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What is image without a soul? yet we all need an image, but question is do we need a soul?

Word Of Mouth Advertisement
Human communication is what brings up together or tears us apart. Humanity learns about the Universe through a form of communication. Advertising through verbal and written communication is important to any product or company. This concept of promotion builds credibility and helps the population make a better choice. The methods…
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Colour Scheme Of A New Web - page
Web design is the term used to describe all the aspects about creating a web-page. It is a process that we all go through when starting a new web-page. The list of aspects to create a good web-page is long. One of the most important aspects is web-site colour scheme.…
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The Importance Of Replying to E - Mails
Our behaviour towards others acts as a bonding material to build and keep relationships. It is a lovely quality that defines us from other species. Humans were given these characteristics by nature and are able to explore them and develop them with the help of teachers and family. It is…
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