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Yuliya Karnaukh is an Online Marketing Specialist at Astound Commerce, Inc. She spent twelve years engagingly studying fascinating art of Online Marketing and is happy to share her knowledge with fellow Marketing professionals and anyone, who's willing to spare their time and mind reading her articles. Astound Commerce is a preferred Demandware Certified E-commerce Solutions Provider for top-brand online retailers.

Tips on Choosing Ecommerce Solution for Your Business
Ecommerce is a modern way of selling products and services and your business is ready to take a bite out of it. Now what? Ecommerce solutions offer several packages and vary based on the nature and the size of the business. There are different kinds of technologies provided by ecommerce…
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The Best Free Tools to Manage And Monitor Social Media Marketing
It’s official - social media marketing has arrived for good. Moreover it’s becoming a supplemental service offering among web developers, SEO specialists and ecommerce experts and advisers. It’s not easy to post unique and quality content on one profile let along handling multiple accounts. Here is an overview of the…
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Mobile Ecommerce Website - Top 7 Reasons to Develop Small - Screen - Friendly Interface
In the past few years web browsing shifted towards mobile so fast that having small-screen adapted interface became a necessity over an option. More and more people prefer digital medium to conduct any kind of online interactions including shopping which opens endless opportunities for ecommerce enterprises. If your website is…
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How to Choose the Best Search Engine Optimization Provider to Increase Website Traffic
New business structure calls for new services. Even the best developed e-commerce project can get lost in the boundless Internet spheres without smart promotional actions. Search Engine Optimization became a vital part of an online business visibility which is almost synonym to success. It's hard to determine exactly who pioneered…
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