Yvone Kon (Street Articles Author)

Yvone Kon has over 11 years of experience in the event planning, marketing and sales fields. Currently, she writes three columns for Examiner.com: National Wedding Planning, Pittsburgh Event Planning and Pittsburgh Animal Advocacy. In addition, she is the author of the blog EventSpiration, providing inspiration and ideas for wedding, parties and holidays.

She is passionate about animal advocacy, rescue and adoption, and believes everyone should adopt "used" dogs rather than buying new ones. Ms. Kon believes shelter dogs are definitely the best breed. She isn't sure she'd be able to write at all without having her own two rescued dogs sprawled across her lap and legs.

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Every little girl dreams of the day she’ll get to try on a wedding gown. But the reality of shopping for a wedding gown is that it can be quite overwhelming for a lot of women. With all the different types of dresses and material, it’s enough to send even…
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