Zen (Street Articles Author)

So, here it is, the truth about me according to me.

I, as I like to think am a gloriefied barman at the time. The glory I speak of is simple, I do as I choose, I manage the pub and make sure it runs as it should if not better and in the meantime I get to have fun. Hell, even my latest girlfriend works for us. (I say latest because I've only been seeing her for a short while. Amazing girl tho :) ) See how things go...

Point; Life is only so great, I work 60hours a week and I know there is more out there. Hell, one day I want to be sitting on my balcony looking down at my huge garden. I speak of my mansion that I dont have yet!!! And putting that to the side, I intend to change the world but its going to take a lot of work (and money) but I'm getting there.

Motivation; It sux working for the man, it sux earning a pay that is not becoming of any of us. So here I am, working on my very own online business. Point; spending a lot of money at the moment to make it work and the earnings arn't quite there yet but moving along. A month I spend £40 for a training center and hosting. Best I've ever found. My site on the other hand costs me little to nothing. Hah

Anyway, I'll keep on paying this £40 a month willingly even if I do little because I know it keeps me motivated. Maybe it will take me a year to earn a decent amount from this line of play, probably less but I'm going to stick to it because its worth every last penny.

Aim; one day I want to be able to go anywhere in the world when I chose. Not to be bound by a job that does not rock my boat and be able to chose my working hours. Yes, I choose to be devine and so could you!!!


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