Zonia C (Street Articles Author)

I work as a wedding caterer and planner for indoor and outdoor party's for any occasions. Love to share some of my experience in catering and planning a wedding that is why I'm a freelance writer too. :)

Top 4 Things That Should Be Present In A Wedding Feast
The wedding! The most awaited event of the year should be without fail! Every wedding is the best and memorable event in the lives of the bride and groom. Agree? It should be! That is why, there must be a careful plan before and after the wedding. From the settings…
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Outdoor Weddings: Five Tips For A Summer Outdoor Wedding
Summer is one of the greatest times to have a wedding. With the sunny skies, longer days and the good weather, the timing is perfect to celebrate the union of two souls and conduct private gatherings outdoors. Thinking of having an outdoor wedding this season? Here are some tips to…
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