Activate Your Inner Magnet For Good Things And Prosperity
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Activate Your Inner Magnet for Good Things And Prosperity

Everyone has the potential within themselves to do or be anything they want. That is the message given to us by the transcendentalist movement back in the 1800's, and even further back in Biblical times and in the writings of Plato. While it is something of an old message, it is just as true, and just as important today as it was when first penned.

Anyone Can Wish for More

Anyone can sit and hope or wish for a better life, but more money, better people, and good things very rarely just appear because someone hopes for them. That does not mean it is hard or impossible to turn yourself into a magnet for good things and prosperity. It just means there is a little more to it than wishing. Wishing and hoping is a perfect place to start, though, as long as some follow through is applied.

Take Some Notes

To get started in turning yourself from a wisher to an achiever, a magnet for good things, grab a paper and pen and write down those things you are wishing for - add some details to help make the image "more real" in your mind.

  • List the things you want, why you want them, what you're willing to do to earn them, and how you expect to feel when you get them.
  • Browse through your list and pick the ONE from it that you want the most. Make sure it is something that you can control, not something like wishing for a specific person to do something they wouldn't want.

Set Your Inner Compass

To set your inner compass to guide you to a better, happier, and healthier lifestyle, there are a few easy things you can do. That doesn't mean you get your wishes for free, because everything in this life has a price. What it means is, you get to choose what you want and what price you're willing to pay, and then you have to follow through and DO what you say. Your reward will be seeing your dreams and wishes come true.

  • Take the ONE thing, that thing you want the most, that you chose in the section above, if you did that step. (If you didn't jump back and work on it, because this step won't work without that one being completed.)
  • Write, in present tense, that you receive that, what you do to earn it, how you use it, how it feels to have it, and how thankful you are to have it. This might sound long, but it can be done in a few sentences.
  • Keep this note somewhere you can read it several times a day. Don't just read it though, allow yourself to "FEEL" it, as if you were already in possession of the thing you desire. The more you repeat it, and feel it, and believe it, the faster it will happen.
  • Pretend - use your imagination. Welcome that thing into your life. (It is best to focus on only one thing at a time, because if the wish list is to scattered focus drops and nothing happens.)

There are more details to making a success of this type of transcendental experience, and to learn more, a great place to begin is a website, such as Intrinsic Vicissitude, to pick up more details on rewriting your life story and daily inspiration, or by browsing through a book on building a new life.

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