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Are You Taking Responsibility For Your Life?
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Wealth, abundance and the associated emotions of joy, happiness and creative imagination are all an insdie job. Meaning: These things derive from your innermost being and not through your outside circumstances. The moment you start taking responsibility for your state of being you have the chance to attract wealth and abundant prosperity into your life.

Taking responsibility is incredibly empowering, but it requires from you first and foremost to stop making expcuses why the things you desire most in your life are not possible.

Granted there are things you cannot change: For example you alone will not make a difference to the economy, nor can you change hunger and poverty in other parts of the world. And you ceertainly cannot make other people happy or wealthy.

Guess what: None of those things are your job. Your only job is to take responsibility for your own life, your own thoughts and your own actions. If you can do this everything else will begin to fall into place.

Taking responsibility does not mean blaming yourself for everything that is not going your way. It means though that you ask yourself what is required from you to change your situation.

Too many people totally misunderstand the concept of taking responsibility for themselves and their lives. They get on to a huge guilt trip as they start to realise that they have played a part in creating the situations in their lives they now detest so much. Please don't fall into this trap.

Whenever we have the realisation of the wrongness of our ways this is a wellcome opening. After all, we can only change something once we are aware of it. What we call mistakes are just hints, or signposts that tell us that we have headed off in the wrong direction. They are a call to action.

The call is to correct your course now and get on track with your desire. Backward thinking is useless, fingerpointing is downright stupid, all you achieve is feeling lousy about yourself and others. Prosperity, wealth, abundance love joy, happiness and creativity.

Instead of feeling ashamed, guilty, embarassed or angry, you should get into the habit of asking yourself empowering questions. As Albert Einstein once noted: "It is the theory which decides what we can onserve." .

When you take responsibility and start asking empowering questions you are shifitng your focus in a new direction. This new direction opens up the possibilites of new directions you could take to further your abundance in all areas of your life.

Always remember this: Wealth, prosperity and abundance come in many guises. They arrive in the form of new friendships, an unexpected trip, a new hobby, or perhaps by following the impetus to do your weekly shopping in a different supermarket this week. Your first step is always to take full responsibility for everything in your life and then go with the flow.

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