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Changing The Way You Think To Be Rich
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A lot of wealth experts claim that in order to be rich and wealthy you have to have a wealth mindset. But I never could find any of them talking about what a wealthy mindset included. Great, I need a wealth mindset but how is that different from the one I have now. In this article we will be discussing some of the basic differences between having an employee mindset and having a business owner mindset. What kind of words they both use and how those words affect each of their outcomes in life. You have to know where you are before you can know where you want to go.

Being an Employee

Unless you started out life as the owner of a huge business, we have all been employee's at one point or another. But just because you are working for a paycheck doesn't always mean that you are an employee on the inside. Employee's mainly want to have a nice safe secure job with benefits. If you hear these words you know that they are thinking like an employee. I have talked to people who have said to me, "I just come to work and do what I am told to do." You know this person is just coming to work to make a paycheck and nothing really more. Other employee words that are used are things like, "When do I get paid time off?" "I am looking for a job that is secure and I know that I can have long term." "I need _______ amount of money to survive per month." If you are talking to a person or have thought this things yourself, this are employee thinking traits.

Being a Business Owner

There are people out there that understand that there is no such things as job security. In the 60's,70's and 80's tons of people got laid off from jobs that they had been with for most of their lives. They were thinking that they would be taken care of and always have a job, then one day, POOF, they are out on the street. And in todays ever fast pace world, job security really isn't there. I've had family even be at a company for 12 years and then a new manager comes in and lets them go. Business owners know this and want to make their own money. They want to be their own bosses, because they know if they go to work for someone else, they will not have wealth or security, but if they are able to create their own income, not only will they not be able to get fired, but they will have the freedom to be able to do what they want as well. Some words business owners use are, "I'm looking for ______ percentage return for my investment." "I'm looking to create another company and take it public." I am putting in place a new system in my business that will double my profits in 6 months." Business owners are always looking for ways to improve. They want to increase sales, revenue, etc. They aren't happy working for someone else and being told what to do. They want to be the leaders, the people who change the world, and not only do they want to be those people. They take action to become those people. They don't just talk about it but do it.

The Difference is in the Words


•Employee's just want a secure job that they know they will have tomorrow.

•They come to work and want to be told what to do or have a set list of things to do.

•They are ok with the status quo.

•They look for a safe job with benefits

Business Owners

•Want to have the freedom to do things their own way

•Understand that job security doesn't exist and want to create their own money

•Don't want to work for someone else making them rich

Robert Kiyosaki in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about how his Rich Dad always told them to start with changing your words. Words are free and are for everyone to use. If you use different words you will have different results in your life. To have a wealth mindset you have to know where you are to begin. And if you are in an employee mindset right now, learn how to speak the language of the rich and you will be wealthy with the correct action.

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