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Create Good Feng Shui And Prosper
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Create Good Feng Shui And Prosper

The average person tends to overlook the impact that the energy of our immediate surroundings , like our homes and offices has on our health, relationships and prosperity levels. Since we are all connected in this universe through the medium of intelligent energy we can influence all aspects of our lives by consciously directing energy flow in your home, office and gardens and ultimately of course well beyond the confines of your immediate surroundings.

Feng Shui principles work along the butterfly principle. You know the idea: The butterfly flaps its wing and an earthquake might happen at the other end of the world, or, to put a more positive slant on the idea of the butterfly effect a small change can compound to amazing effect in the time/space continuum which we refer to as our reality.

Feng Shui is based on conscious experience.

It is a joy to implement. Femgshuiing a room, or just an area in your living and working environment is immensely satisfying and pleasurable. The activity gets you to release endorphins and will make you feel better.

This is one of the reasons why I always recommend implementing Feng Shui principles as a first resolve if you want to improve prosperity levels and have a better quality of life in general. It makes you feel happy and when you are happy your life flows better.

I have coached traders to use Feng Shui and they have reported noticeable differences in their efficiency levels, their moods and energy levels simply by making a few Feng Shui changes in their trading rooms. This is the butterfly principle at work.

Feng Shui has an impact even if you only implement a few cures in an area of your environment that is important to you. You must do it with conscious intent though. It will increase the power of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui energies augment the general ambience of a place. Particularly if you are living or working in a high rise building you will want to use Feng Shui cures to improve the energy levels of your environment.

You can easily do this using Feng Shui plants. Plants emit a wonderful energy, they are a living organism and will respond to your moods and intentions.

For instance, if you use well chosen Feng Shui plants to increase the energy levels in your wealth corner you may notice how the plant will gently draw your attention to itself. Your subconscious and conscious mind will be engaged in a pleasing manner, thus raising your personal energy levels.

Happy people have better lives. They enjoy more success,better health, better relationships and of course more abundance and financial security.

It really does not matter what area in your life is in need of a little TLC. Master Feng Shui and open up the energy meridians in your environment to speed up good luck.

Feng Shui, or should I call it lucky Feng Shui; is a practice that anyone can implement with very little effort and also very small amounts of money. You do not need the get a Feng Shui consultant in order to improve your environment.

Awareness is very powerful. Once you become aware that Feng Shui methods can help augment your prosperity levels you will want to Feng Shui your home or office. It will become a compelling necessity. You will start noticing all those little areas that could do with a Feng Shui face lift. As you learn more and notice more your awareness of the Feng Shui energies increases and you will automatically do more of it to maintain its positive effect.

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