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Expanding Your Means
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Expanding Your Means

A lot of people think about getting more money and they think that they will have to give up the coffee that they get to only 2 or 3 times a week. Well, that is one way of doing it, but just like a coin it this to as another side.

Growing instead of shrinking

Now I am not saying that you might not need to cut back on your spending. Sometimes we all need a trim. Bushes, grass, our hair, and even our budgets need a trim every once in a while at least. But what about having your cake and eating it too? Instead of saying, “I need more money how can I stop spending?” Ask yourself, “How can I increase the income I have to keep my coffee every day? Even add a cup per day.”

Look for ways to make money

Yes, I’ll go over the same things everyone else does to get them out of the way.

1. What can you sell that is laying around?

2. Do you have a craft that you can make and sell at markets or online maybe?

3. You can work more hours if you really want to, but that isn’t what this is about

4. Do you have a skill that you can market? (Editing peoples writing, some kind of training, etc.)

New and different ways

1. With the internet now a days you can also work from your home and set up an inforprenuer website and sell information.

2. Affiliate marketing

3. You can even make some extra money blogging if you learn the correct way

Know where you need to go, by seeing where you have been

To know how much you need to make every month to cover your extras, you do need to sit down and write out your month expenses. What is your household expenses, like insurance, mortgage or rent, utilities, etc. A good idea is to track your spending for I’d say at least a month, but preferable 2-3 months. That way you can really see what you are spending on.

How much do you spend on the fast food? The coffee? The vending machine snacks? The extra special shampoo that you love so much? Add them up and then you will know how much extra you need to make with your new found income source each month to keep what you have going. I know you are probably like me and don't want to loose those little trips to the fast food joint. Or that drink you have everyday. Expanding your means will let you keep them while not putting a pinch on your wallet.

Street Talk

The internet is really the way to go! I`m on my journey to an online income right now.

  about 9 years ago
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