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Find Your True Abundance In Times Of Apparent Lack
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It is not easy to tune into the abundance and believe that the universe is friendly place. We are being suckered in by the low vibrations of the negative group consciousness that is all too pervasive at the moment. It is hard to retain any positive emotion in the face of ongoing chaos unfolding in the world all over. I will not go into detail here, as we create what we focus on.

Awareness is a wonderful thing. The recent demonstrations around the world have shown levels of dissatisfaction and the desire for change not seen for decades. They are also a sign of a massive shift of consciousness that is flooding our planet.

If you want to attract abundance into your life you have to first of all shift your perception from lack to abundance. This requires a new view of the old paradigms. It requires that you take the quantum leap into a new reality, mentally first and then decide to be that new reality of abundance, peace, happiness and prosperity.

The definition of abundance is "being" and not seeking or doing or making it happen somehow. Abundance is not something you can wish for or hope for. To wish for anything in life only emphasis your helplessness. When you declare that you wish or want something you are admitting that you are not having it and that getting it is beyond your personal power.

The act of wishing or hoping is a denial of the universal law of abundance and it is also a denial of your own true nature. Wishing and hoping is rather like getting on a donkey to get from London to New York. You might do it by getting with your donkey on a ship or aero plane, if you are very smart, or more likely, you will not get to New York at all.

Understanding that abundance literally is "being", that it already is inside all of us and all we need to do is tune into it is key to attracting abundance and happiness into your life. Abundance is the true nature of the universe, In fact, the cosmos operates purely from the law of abundance. Your abundance is also independent from the economic outlook and the economic climate. We have created the economic situation, we have created wars for thousands of years because of our lack of awareness of our own nature and the true nature of the cosmos.

In the final analysis abundance is always a declaration about your state of being.

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this article: You get what you focus on. It is how the universe works. You may not be fully aware of this truism yet but denying or ignoring the reality of it is akin to stepping back into the dark age.

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