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Four Reasons To Choose Wealth
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Four Reasons to Choose Wealth

You think you already know all the reasons to choose wealth but if you did you would be actively moving in that direction instead of passively taking what life brings. You may not even realize that wealth is one of the choices on the table I was there for a portion of my life. Fortunately enough for me I woke up to a startlingly reality, I was letting my chance for a better life slip through my fingers. Read on to discover four of the reasons I finally understood this choice was necessary.

4. It will spur you out of mediocrity

Although mediocrity is not a crime it should be its that feeling that allows you to not be the best you can be. Worse yet its that feeling that allows you to believe its ok. You see it in your children and hate it. Yet some how it becomes ok when you see it in yourself. You simply say to yourself everyone was not meant to succeed. Every life was not meant to be great and then you slowly turn into the living dead.

Maybe your dead going through life animated on the outside but hiding inside. Time for a new life.

3. Prove them wrong

Nothing is worse than feeling you have let yourself down. All your life someone has said or implied that you did not have what it took to make it. You knew they were wrong but somehow you could never get over their words that were hanging over your head. Negative words can bind tighter than the handcuffs used by the police. So if you find your hands tied that happens but now is the time to get free.

Getting free will be easy only when you decide you really want to leave your self imposed prison. Self imposed prison? Yes although someone built that prison with the power of their words in the end whether you realize it or not you chose to walk in and shut the door. This means only you have the key with which to open the door. Every time one of those negative thoughts comes to you saying how you will never be anything replace it with a positive thought. I never said breaking out of a prison was easy just doable.

2. You can help yourself

As silly as that may sound isn't that what we all want. We love and appreciate our family and even our friends that help us out of the problems in our life be they financial, emotional or even physical. Yet what we really want is to be able to help ourselves especially in the financial arena. Many adults have moved back home because living on their own (especially if maybe their a single parent) is something that seems to be beyond their reach right now.

Although you love mom and dad lets face it your over living with them. In fact your pretty sure if there is any moving in to do they should be moving in with you. Having wealth gives you the ability to help yourself. Did you notice I keep saying wealth and not riches? why?

Many people have had riches only to find that in the end they are poor again but wealth is different. When you are wealthy it does not just mean money, but your health your mental status and much more. Having wealth also means that you have enough coming in from your investments that if you choose no longer to work you can maintain your present lifestyle until you depart from this plane.

1.You can help some one.

Do not dismiss it until you try it. The absolute joy in helping another person to obtain their dream. To encourage them to set out to make their word better and in the process to make some one else's world better. To be able to give generously because you have made more then enough for you and some one else.

In life we make a lot of choices you may have even made the choice to be poor. No not like taking a vow of poverty that some monks took in the pass at least theirs was voluntary and thought out. Yet like them you have accepted that your life will only be what it is, it will never get better. You know a raise is a joke and well what else can you do.

It starts with a deliberate choice. I suggest you choose wealth.

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Anna Ware  

Good article. That's my choise :).

  about 9 years ago
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