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Growing Your Very Own Money Tree
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Growing Your Very Own Money Tree

To plant your own money tree is very possible. But just like planting a seed to grow a tomato, planting your own money tree will take time, effort, nurturing, fertilizer, and of course weed pulling.

The life cycle of a seed

When you plant a seed and you are wanting to grow a Pansy you would do the following: (Summarized, of course)

1. Dig a hole in the dirt and plant the seed

2. Cover the seed up with dirt and water it

3. Make sure it gets the proper amount of sunlight (To much or to little can kill it)

4. Pull any unwanted plants/weeds growing around the seed

5. Add fertilizer and nutrients to help the seed grow

It isn’t going to sprout up overnight, and in the beginning stages you will be doing work and not being able to see any results because it is all going on under the soil. It takes time for it to sprout and then takes time to grow into a full plant that you can enjoy.

The cycle of a money tree

Planting your own money tree is the same thing. But most people want to just be able to plant a real physical tree and have it bear money instead of fruit. But in a very real way you really can. There are bunches of ways to make money online. So many people get online wanting to make money, but give up before anything happens.

That would be like 2 weeks into your seed, you don’t see anything coming up and just say, “I’m done taking care of this,” and you stop watering it. A lot of times on vegetables it will tell you the time to germination. It’s the time that it takes from when it is planted to the time you can harvest your fruit. A lot of times its 2,3 or even 4 months. People will nurture a plant for that long before they know it will bear its fruit, but won’t work on setting themselves up in a better financial position because they don’t see results right away.

Taking the seed to the tree

Each step of the way in the seeds life you can see improvement. You can see it sprout within a very short amount of time, and within a couple of weeks it is a lot bigger and is growing a lot better. The thing with making money is that only seeing the end goal can get your discouraged. Because if you don’t see the money in the bank account you don’t think you are succeeding. But just look at all the stuff you had to accomplish let’s say in that 4 months since you started.

1. Digging the hole and planting the seed can be related to just starting

2. Covering the seed and watering can be to have learned the basics and still be enthusiastic

3. Proper water and light is you putting in the time it will take day after day. You need to nurture it and help it grow. If you don’t put any time into it, you aren’t going to get anything out of it

4. Pulling the weeds/and putting fertilizer can be related to you finding what it is YOU need for YOUR business. There are a lot of things out there but not all of them you are going to want to use. Just like fertilizer, you don’t put every single one that the store sells on your plants

Looking back over what you HAVE done

Always having a goal of seeing the money come into the bank account is a really good thing to stay focused on. But every once in a while you need to stop and look back over what you have done. Look at how many articles you have written.

Look at your first one and look at the most recent one. How much better have you gotten? Are you able to write quicker now then you use to? Just look at how many people have actually looked and read your article, (Yes, they might not be following the links, but that is about going through and pulling the weeds and finding out how to get a better conversion rate) How many followers do you have?

Stop and look at your website. You built that. Or you took the action to have someone build it for you. That is your effort in the cyber world right there. How much have you learned over this X-amount of time? All these are the fruits of planting and nurturing a money tree. You can have your very own money tree.

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Oh I have lagged on watering my tree. thanks for the words. God bless Kymee

  about 6 years ago

Good thing about this tree is if you start watering it, it will start to grow again.

  about 6 years ago

Nice article.. my money tree is about to bloom big just needs some more days in the sun!

  about 6 years ago

Thank you very much. Bloom tree bloom!

  about 6 years ago
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