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How Failure Breeds Success
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How Failure Breeds Success

There is nothing worse than failing in fact if your honest the thing you dread most is to fail. On your job if you fail at what your suppose to do your called in and reprimanded in a politically correct way of course. You encourage yourself , your children and even friends and family members to work hard and not fail. what's worse is that when you fail you see desolation stretched in front of you and not success.

Ask yourself this question what if failure was the pathway to success? What if every time you failed you were closer to success. What if the success was not something minor like winning a thousand dollars in the lottery but a major success.

Would you consider the light bulb a major success? Thomas Edison thought it was a success to and we learn about him in school. What I did not learn in school was that he failed ten thousand times before he succeeded with the light bulb. His failure lead to success but he did not stop with one invention he went on to invent over thousand other things we have used or were used to make life easier.

1. So why do you fear failure

You have been trained almost from birth that to fail at something some how reflects on who we are. You were told no one wants to be associated with a failure so before long failure became associated with loss and loneliness.

2. Why do we fear success

Fear of success is as common as the fear of failure and the reason why is simple you wonder what happens if you reach your dream and then somehow lose it. Then once again you will be a failure and you know to have something and then lose it can be devastating.

3. How can you be a success by failing

Both failure and success play a major part in the love/hate relationship we have with succeeding. Those that manage it successfully raise to the top those that do not continue to struggle and enjoy minor success.

When my child was less than a year old I put her in the center of my bed so I could iron at the end of the bed. I was looking down but some major movement caught my eye and I looked up. There she was standing on two unsteady legs in the middle of my bed. I know the look on my face was pure shock she stood there long enough for me to see her and then fell on her pampered covered behind.

Immediately she started to laugh and I know the look on my face gave her something to laugh at but the real story is the look on her face. The pride I saw there at being able to accomplish something no one thought she was capable of was tremendous. She never gave up she tried and tried again and fell many times but she mastered it before I really knew it she was not only walking but she was running.

The same is true with you if your willing to look pass the momentary pain of falling you will see pride that you tried something that many of your friends and colleagues do not have the nerves to try. If your willing to try again you will quickly realize how not to repeat the first mistake and if you fail a second time you will do it differently the next time.

Before you know it you will know what doesn't work which will lead you to what does work. Take a good look at the people from history and the people you admire and ask yourself this question if they have achieved something I want to achieve what did they do to get it and how many times did they fail on there way there.

If the answer is given honestly you will find out no one is an over night success. So spend some time failing so you can spend a life time achieving.

Street Talk

Lots of people mistake learning for failing. My dad says that his dad always told him, "I don't mind you making mistakes, just make a different one each time." In theory if we make a different one each time, then we will know how to do it perfectly in time. I could go on and on about this with horses, but I'll spare you the long story lol. Great article though, I really like your advice.

  about 9 years ago

Very true. I live by the rule of never making the same mistake twice!

  about 9 years ago
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