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How Is Procrastination Affecting Your Prosperity Profile?
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Procrastination, this much maligned habit of a large percentage of the population causes many problems: For one it feeds on itself. It causes lack of energy, makes you feel lethargic and out of sorts. Chronic procrastination leads to depression; and it definitely stops you from manifesting abundance and prosperity.

The very nature of procrastination is such that the procrastinator is blissfully unaware of his condition. In fact most procrastinators believe that they are being justifiably cautious, careful and most deliberate in their decision making processes thus protecting themselves from the perils of this world.

And the universe is a dangerous place, right?

Well, how wrong you are. Unfortunately most people still believe in this old paradigm, inherited from our parents, grandparents and other caretakers that we need to watch out for ourselves. That the world is basically an evil and dangerous place, that you cannot trust anybody and there fore have to watch your back all the time.

If I get you to comprehend only one thing today, and that is to understand, at least intellectually that this is absolute nonsense, The mission of this article will have been fulfilled.

Believing in scarcity is akin to believing that the world is flat

Most people who suffer from permanent indecisiveness lack trust in themselves and in the universal process. This lack of understanding largely derives from a total misperception of our reality.

We have been told that we need to save for a rainy day, make provisions for our old age and so forth. All this, as many of you are finding out in these days of unprecedented change, is of course wasted energy. I teach the traders I coach not to anticipate a market move, but to stay in the moment. Oh, yes that dreaded moment of "now"... If only...

Instead of focusing on the here and now, we insist on thinking either about the past, or the future. Well, the past has happened and the future is an open book. You shape your good or bad fortunes with your imagination and nothing else.

Correct thinking works wonders for your prosperity profile

Put in very basic terms: If you are suffering from chronic indecisiveness and permanent procrastination you are not thinking correctly.

As I have already alluded to the nature of procrastination is particularly challenging and makes change particularly difficult. The mind likes to provide us with feelings of safety and security. Feeling safe and secure is high on the list of priorities for most, The idea of becoming comfortable with feeling uncomfortable does not sit easily with most of us. The traders among you who may be reading this article, will know only too well what I am talking about.

The universe has your back

What if everything you believed until now about the workings of the universe is incorrect? What if the teachings of the wisdom traditions are more right than wrong? Scientific evidence is showing more and more evidence of this every day.

Evolutionary theory reminds us that this is an expansive universe held together by the creative energy of love. Love is always expansive. It cannot be any different. And so are you, as a human being who is an integral part of this universe, . Once you wake up to this reality your prosperity profile will begin to shift.

As you begin to ask question without fear and open your mind to new possibilities you will become more willing to address the reasons why you are procrastinating in order to hold back from manifesting prosperity and wealth and all the other things you desire, a new vista opens up.

You cannot know all the answers. It is impossible. If you want to move forward, you are always entering uncharted territory with uncertain outcomes. This too is a universal law and a reality of our existence. Give yourself the freedom to explore yourself, the nature of your reality, your fears and your doubts; and your prosperity profile will grow of its own accord.

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