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How Love Works To Make Us Prosper
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Where love is, no room is too small, no mountain is too high to climb, neither is there any valley too deep to descend. For to give our heart to love is to make our hands to serve. Mother Theresa.

Love is the greatest and most powerful emotion in man. It is the reason we have to live, for the beauty of life is in loving it. We flourish in it, we blossom in it. Love makes the difference. It is the only force known to drive us into our highest level of great accomplishment.

Oh that men will realize how powerful the thoughts of love can be. If only the consciousness of its ability to propel us is allowed to take root in us. We will soar high in our quest for wealth. We will have reasons to keep on moving towards abundance . Prosperity will be within our reach always. Because love must find a way for its own expression.

Unknown to most of us, we are most receptive to creative energy under the influence of love. It is a state which can bring the extraordinary out of us. Loving thoughts transforms our mind, and transmits required energy into the right hemisphere of our brains. Scientific research established a link between extreme creative powers and the right side of the brain. Ideas for technological advancement is proven to originate from there. Ideas for great wealth germinates under intense emotions of love. Motivation for prosperity and persistent desire for wealth , has its root in loving and caring for something or someone noble.

History has records of great men whose capacity for their great accomplishment was motivated by the love of their lives. Fathers deny selves of pleasures, comfort and undergo pains to ensure the welfare of their offspring.

Love motivates. It enhances our capacity for visualisation. Call it a dream. It surely is. The power behind it stimulates the desire for its actualisation. The energy behind it is more than able to get the dream crystalised into reality. It then follows that we can harness the influencing power of the emotion of love in propelling ourselve into prosperity, wealth and abundance. In other to express our love for something or someone, our financial well being is of fundamental importance. Because we are in love, we are only concerned with finding the way. We are ever commited to persevere in face of every challenge. We therefore build an attitude of possibility in the process. This is an ingredient for prosperity, abundance and wealth.

He who must prosper and live in abundance and wealth must be emotionally attached to possessing it. How love works to make us prosper is, it constantly gives us reason to forge ahead. It gives us positive assurance in our capacity to achieve our goals. It makes a way for our prosperity by attracting to us the energy and power required for us to acquire wealth. Love gravitates towards us somehow,resources, people, circumstances to facilitate its own expression.

The intensity of our desire to care in love for others, for a worthy cause or for any goal that will touch lives positively is responsible for our resolution to achieve. It keeps the flame of our ambition for success and prosperity burning.

In love there is no failure. In love there is happiness. This radiates positive energy capable of propelling the mind into the highest level of mental efficiency. Emotions of love therefore, is to be utilised by all that honestly desire prosperity and abundance. This is a secret of prosperity that many great men used as a motivating factor for their wealth.

Are you in love with someone? Do you have strong emotional attachment to a noble cause that can advance humanity? Dwell on it. Let the power of this emotion work for you. Allow it to propell you into great and enviable height. In the process of achieving it, it will surely bring wealth and prosperity to you. For the light of love must shine for the world to see. Whoever will surrender his mental state to its influence,will never fail to possess the key to greatness, prosperity and abundance. Wealth must yield itself to him.

Always commited to your prosperity

Tolu Babalola

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